Dialog-Driven Risk Discovery

Get Better at Resolving Risks.
Why? Because Better Matters.

Stop putting out brush fires! Learn how structured questions drive profit by resolving hidden risks.

"Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today"

…is the essential message of risk management.

Why? Because lifetime customer value is a core metric of the resilience of any business.

The Systemkey™ Risk Solutions Brand Family

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Cross-disciplinary insight

is the most valuable ingredient in our Rock Eel Digital (R.E.D.) recipe for small business owners.

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By distilling conversations

from the boardroom to the coalface, RedSky™ software highlights the messenger events that signal failures cascading into catastrophe, giving you time to plan rather than react.

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By unlocking added value

in the software-centric solutions companies use today, Semantic Compression™ participants expand their capacity to purposefully collect unstructured data in a structured environment.

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We can embed ex­per­i­ence

into the design of the tools we use so that we lower the threshold required to achieve useful results, using Language Leverage™.

Matthew Weilert came to College Station and spent four hours with me on 6 October of 2011. His company and he focus on asking irrational, unreasonable, and ridiculous questions designed to make you take a hard look at:

  • » who you are
  • » what you do
  • » what is your product
  • » how do customers perceive your product
  • » and how you might improve all aspects of your issues?

He is the type of individual who makes me very uncomfortable because he asks such hard questions! He is exactly the type of person who can help us overcome many of the concerns we face through a blunt assessment of those concerns!

Paul K. Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS
LtGen, USAF, MC, Ret
Former Director, Office of Innovation and Preparedness
Texas A&M Health Science Center